Lessons learned

"Through the bad times we struggle as two, and through the happy moments we feel everything as one. It is love i believe, or just human nature. We were born to fight and dream. That was a challenge that has always unknown endings. No matter how much you believe in things, its always up to... Continue Reading →

Message in the bottle #1

"If you can imagine how hard it is to take you in my arms and give you strength and loving secure feelings.. when all i have is an empty broken heart full of bruises, feelings of rejection and disappointments.. If you can feel how heart aching it is to be understanding and willing to talk... Continue Reading →

Im not perfect im just in love #1

old is gold sometimes..


A few days ago I had an emotional shock.. the only person I loved the most in my entire 26 years i lived .. told me about the bad things he thinks i have .. its okay to me to have bad things .. god created us human beings have both rights and wrongs .. its okay to admit them too to me , and its okay to have them .. its only God who is perfect !

But the shock was that i don’t have these things for real .. how could you see these things while I’ve always acted the opposite?!!

It hurts the most when someone you truly love and care for .. tells you after spending good fine years together that you cannot be trusted while he / she trusts you already!! For sick reasons too

It hurts to give everything you have to someone who…

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