A sneak peak from my last draft of my novel… “Zamour Land”.

Chapter 3: The sisters' vows   The gypsy sisters looked at each other with confusion then Assie jumped out of her chair “it’s a gathering, its 5 o’clock Marly!!”. Assie held the necklace tight and hid it between the books on the shelf, and Marlene explained fastly "That’s our secret society. helpers, healers, Magicians, gypsies and... Continue Reading →


No more memories to remember tomorrow..

How does it feel to love someone so much that you barely see anyone else but them, for years .. living secured by their presence, love and care.. then they decide you can't exist in their life anymore? And it's not because of something you did or said .. it's them who decided to carry... Continue Reading →

Message in the bottle #1

"If you can imagine how hard it is to take you in my arms and give you strength and loving secure feelings.. when all i have is an empty broken heart full of bruises, feelings of rejection and disappointments.. If you can feel how heart aching it is to be understanding and willing to talk... Continue Reading →

Im not perfect im just in love #1

old is gold sometimes..


A few days ago I had an emotional shock.. the only person I loved the most in my entire 26 years i lived .. told me about the bad things he thinks i have .. its okay to me to have bad things .. god created us human beings have both rights and wrongs .. its okay to admit them too to me , and its okay to have them .. its only God who is perfect !

But the shock was that i don’t have these things for real .. how could you see these things while I’ve always acted the opposite?!!

It hurts the most when someone you truly love and care for .. tells you after spending good fine years together that you cannot be trusted while he / she trusts you already!! For sick reasons too

It hurts to give everything you have to someone who…

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Trials of facing the cruel truth.

Pray to the moon, sun and earth To rise after a fall.. Balance your energy enough to survive, Not to come back to life.. Then learn from your past and from the evilness in the myths, How to fear the punishment and have a good purpose presence.. The myth said the eye catches fire, fear... Continue Reading →


"Its simple yet inquiring some effort. Strength is measured by how you use it. Remember, strength you need is the Strength beyond what your eyes can see. It is holy and pure. Loud but can not be easily heard. very clear but can never be easily seen. It is felt when you believe.". Day #3... Continue Reading →

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