Thanks For the memories

this is a note .. Not just a love note .. But a gratitude 

Thank you for choosing me from the whole world ..

Thank you for the raing nights under your coat

Thank you for the tenderness in each and every single touch

Thank you for caring in all seasons of my unstable rainy life ..

Thank you for planting so many trees in our relationship garden

Thanks for holding my hands infront of people when we are having problems together just to make sure am safe 

Thank you for protecting me from the dangerous thoughts in my head 

Thank you for making me laugh so hard 

Thank you for pushing me to love myself 

Thank you for making my heart alive with your love 

Thank you for teaching me alot of things i never knew 

Thank you for handling my swingmoods badly that made us closer after fixing the problems

Thank you for giving me the advantage of having you mind, body, heart and soul

Thank you for making me proud of you

Thank you for sharing your life with me

Thank you for having a lot of good memories that can’t ever be forgotten 

Thank you for treating me like your beloved daughter , your companion, your best friend and your lover

Thank you for trusting me 

Thank you for taking my opinion in things that need a decision to be taken

Thank you for putting me first

Thank you for hugging me in the good times and the bad ones

Thank you for seeing me your girl

Thank you for facing shit beside me or for me

Thank you for accepting the bad things in me or trying to fix what can be fixed

Thank you for surprising me everyday with how much you do love me

Thank you for remembering my birthday, our anniversary and the day we first kissed

Thank you for remembering my perfume the first time we went out together

Thank you for wasting your time studying to me to push me away from failure .. Haha

Thank you for treating me bad sometimes we need just to sit and talk and fix more 

Thank you for being a good man

Thank you for the days you stayed beside me when i was sick

Thank you for loving my friends the good ones of course.. Haha

Thank you for showing me whats behind mysterious things 

Thank you for supporting me when i need it .. 

You are not perfect but who is ?

You treat me very bad sometimes, you underestimate me sometimes too

You are not there all the times i needed you so bad

You make me feel un appreciated sometimes, you don’t differentiate between my serious bad times and other times .. You dont take me serious sometimes too , you said bad words behind my back when we are having problems once or twice ..

And you have some issues concerning the way i think and see things ..

I am not perfect too .. I am full of bad things but i always try to change whenever i see clearly the bad thing in me ..

And am not changing because of you im changing because i love myself i want to be better and that will lead to you loving me more ..

I always gave you excuses for the bad things you did to me .. Because i love a man not an angel .. I know well you are kind hearted and im sure you love me so much why not act as human beings ?

Why do people search for angels to share their lives with? They doesnt exist !! Perfection is one of the goddess characteristics.. Its not found in humans .. I love you i’ll always give you a reason to be better ill always lighten the way for you when i have the lights !

I’ll always run to your arms, ill always know what food do you love the most , ill always remember the love notes we used to leave to one another every morning ,I’ll always know what time you wake up, I’ll always know what suits you better in many things we been through .. I know how hard you try to see the good things we have .. And can have !

I love you with all your imperfections i love you with your mood swings i love you when you don’t love me today , i love you in your bad times and good times .. I love you when we are arguing i love you when think differently i love you with no reasons and for no reasons and i will always do love you because you fought to carve your name in my heart .. I’ll always love you because I don’t want to love anyone but you .. And if i ever wanted i could not..

Thank you for making me go through a normal life phase ..

Thank you for being a part oF my happiness 

Thank you for loving me

A note to MFMF the love of my life !



Tha art work by: Mohamad fawzy haiba


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