When hope married patience

Patience and hope got married .. They gave birth to : happy – faith – clever – passion
Happy gave them joy and coloured their dark nights ..
Faith made them stronger when they grow older and made them fight to achieve whatever they plan
Clever made their life easier and adjusting to whatever situations they face
Passion made everything and everyone has a value and melts through bonds that are very hard to be broken
When patience died the family had so much grief in the air .. Time passed so slowly.. He had been the oxygen that keeps them alive struggling to accept the times they lose… They kept fighting to keep what he built .. He left them his soul filling their bad times to calm them down ..
Hope kept fighting with her girls till:

Faith got married to fighter

Passion got married to smart

Happy got married to support

Clever got married to experience
The four girls were expecting their first child in the same timing.. When hope was sick and dying.. She gathered them around her and told them to write whatever she says till she dies and she started:

“Happy my dear you were my first experience in life .. Me and patience knew what happy means after we saw you .. We waited for you counting the minutes.. All i want you to do is keep me in your heart if you’re happy and your heart beats hope you will always be safe and sound ..

Clever you were the second .. We wanted another child to fill our lives with more learning.. All you have to do is also keep me in your heart if your heart beats hope you will never get distracted or clueless.. You will always have a motive to carry on ..

Faith my third beautiful feeling .. You gave me and patience another reason to believe that life can be shallow if we don’t see with our hearts .. Keep me in your heart too you will always have tolerance and inner peace..

Passion my dearest .. You gave us love and made us stronger bonding to each other and to our dreams .. If your heart beats hope you will always be positive and spreading energy that can break down a mountain .. Now patience is waiting for me .. Ill leave you now but remember my words those words were patience’s when he chose you names .. Never ever leave each other .. Don’t give any space to enemies to break you down “

She died but her soul was the blood in their veins..


The art work is mine too 🙂

Hope you like it


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