dont explain the reasons behind your anger to everybody .. Dont explain why you love somebody.. Dont explain why you chose to dress that way.. Dont explain why did you cut your hair .. Dont explain why didnt you fix your problems .. Dont explain why you didnt have enough money .. Dont explain why didnt you accept to get married until you became 39 dont explain why you didnt love anybody else when your husband died .. Dont explain why you wana get a divorce .. Dont explain why did you cope with stresses over your head .. Dont explain why you didnt .. Dont explain any situation for anybody .. Nobody is in your shoes !!! Nobody has your eyes to see the world from your eyes everybody has his own shoes and his own eyes .. Don’t explain anything .. Don’t expect people to feel how you feel or get emotionally involved like you do .. Or think like you .. Or see the bad part of something like you do .. Or see the good side of somebody the way you saw it .. Or believe in what you believe in .. 

Don’t explain or expect or wait !

And don’t judge somebody or ask for explanations too !!!

Help people, support, give them time to talk spread the good side of you .. But dont ever wait or expect or explain the reasons behind .. Dont have a reason to be a good person !!!

Just be a good person no matter what!


Painting by sarah wagdy on colorfy