Rainy days

“Remember when you used to hold me tight ? Remember when we used to close our eyes and listen to the rain drops falling  ? Remember when the days it rained and we weren’t together standing holding hands ? Remember when we first kissed .. It was raining! Remember when we kept praying in the rain that today never comes? Remember when we planned for the rainy days? We always lived to see rain behind windows of your car or windows of our house ! Remember when i told you that rain brings happiness to my heart ? Remember when you told me that you always been alone when it rained before we met? Remember all the pictures we had while it was raining outside? Remember when you promised me you will never leave me .. And if that happened.. Rain will drive you back to me?

It’s raining now .. Am holding on to my tears and fears .. Waiting for you but you will never show up i guess!

I’m remembering all the pictures that had promises and had alot of love running in our veins..

I’m praying for forgiveness and for you to be safe out there .. I’m holding on .. Alone

Where are you? Why didnt you show up and hold me tight to your heart? Did the rain wash away the promises? Did the memories drown in the rain ?

Where are you im feeling cold! Where are you im lonely watching windows of the houses! Where are you? Im swimming in a pool of rain, memories and heart aches.

Where are you .. 




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