Mrs F. Fear

Fight is my first name , i count on its good part. I always fight without even knowing. I sometimes fight till i fall running out of energy. I fight on purpose a lot. 

I fight to get along, i fight to stand still, i fight to stay confident sometimes, i fight to make people have better situations and get myself ones too. I fight to have better chances. I fight to change. I fight myself when im wrong. I fight fear!!

Fear is one of the biggest enemies to any human being. Fear can control you, your actions, your future, your past and your presence. Actually it destroys it ! Everything tastes like water.. everything is partially paused and partially running fast. You get blocked and trapped into your room of fears.. the walls become monsters around you! If you sit back shaking and crying you will die in this room … alone and afraid 

If you take a move and fight to step out of the room and clear its walls you will build your own life and you will feel every step you take is an awesome achievement. Fear can be of things, of losing people you love, of losing yourself, of things you dont know, of change .. and so many other monsters.

Afraid of losing someone you love ?! Be good to them every single minute passing! Make them live happily and feel your presence is important in their lives. Make sure you love them like its their last day .. but do it everyday!! Always give second and third and milion chances no matter what it could be the last chance given to someone in his entire life and it might change his life for good. Be helping to everybody around you unconditionally. Be loving unconditionally too. Expect better situations.. always ! It gives alot of hope and energy to fight..

Love and feel loved .. get bonds and attachments.. dont be afraid to commit or show love .. emotional experience will give your heart great confidence and that will make you fight more

Afraid of losing yourself too?? Fight against it and change yourself be better and always thank god for everything good you have.

You can have a hand to help you too. Help you climb high tiny stairs you fear, help you hang on through a tough a situation, help you choose better, help you get focused .. etc but you cant ask for help all the time.. if you have people who truly love you around you will never get to ask for help.. remember to surround yourself with love it gives strength to fight more..

Afraid of bad things that might happen ?!! Be brave and face them !! Be confident and fix them!! Surround yourself with courageous people they know how to positively effect your strength too..

If you dont win your own fight nobody will fight for you!!

Mandalla by ME



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