Love letters for the non existing..

I left you a love letter in the morning. I reminded you of how much i love everything good about you. And how much you are powerful and you deserve a better day starting with a kiss and a passionate push out of bed.

In the middle of the day .. i txted you with a love note . A little one .. that has only missing word abd a wish that your day is do far so good..

I left you a note at night but im sorry my hand writing sucks, im afraid i had a busy day and my Hands are a bit shaking.. but i made sure i told you how important you are to me, and how i wish you had a productive day, with all the details i missed sharing with you. I noted again how i miss you so much that i can’t wait to see you tonight! Maybe tomorrow if we have time.

Then i reminded you that tonight is your night, im gonna make up for being little busy and away today.. i hope you still get the silly joke i wrote you .. im coming home tonight bbe.. love you forever..

The next day i woke up very tired .. remembered i didnt come home, i pushed myself out of the car and wrote you a touching note saying sorry but i had work to do ..

I kept writing love letters for years, in the same timings.. i kept on missing you more and more everyday.. i didnt know you don’t exist from more than 10 years.. i was living in denial.. i came home everyday but slept anywhere but our bed.. i ate in 2 dishes .. i kept your toothbrush clean in the bathroom .. i realised ive been living alone for years the day i died alone..



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