What is regret ?! Is it only blames ? Is it a change ? Is it fixing anything ? Is it a reason behind your returns or concerns or fears .. or tears ..or making something more clear ?

Is it the motive behind some actions ? Or the feeder of some attractions ?

Is it driving you somewhere you dont know now ?

Is it breaking your heart? Is it pushing you apart?

Regrets are good, it makes you feel human again .. but its bad when its late .. it keeps crawling inside your veins.. each breath you inhale aches your heart a bit for all the things you had that made you feel blessed but they don’t exist anymore because of you , and for all the things you wished for and didnt have because of you .. and all the things you fought to keep having but you didnt have them for so long .. also because of you .. and the other scares you left anybody on purpose or not .. and all your shattered plans and dreams .. and the ghosts of your fears of doing the mistakes all over again or losing everything in a blink again .. or starting over without an inch of energy ..

Its a loop of memories and a race of thoughts , climbing your pillow every night, and your companion through the day .. you cant get rid of it unless you escape .. escape the whole world .. or just fight it back so hard that you make new memories and new generations of thoughts .. love cures the broken hearts, sharing guilts reliefs alot and dreaming a better tomorrow fixes your brain bugs ..