“I cant imagine after all these years of love and affection.. you still question basics !”

Why is it hard to feel the love i give you every breath i take ?

Why is it impossible to believe in our love enough ?

Why is it fake to you when my actions are protecting you and you and me ?

Why dont you believe me when i say you are the moon to my dark skies ?

Why dont you believe me when i say you’re love lights my way ?

Why dont you believe me when i tell you that your fears are my battles ?

Why dont you believe my love when i break apart in front of you when you are just broken ?

Why dont you believe in my heart ?

Why do you insist on believing your minority thoughts ?? The shattered ones ? That has fears as a base ? Why do you ignore the strong ones ?

Why do you insist on pushing my love away very hard .. just to test my faith more ? But all in vain ..

Why dont you believe that i can shone your days by few strings of love ?

Why don’t you think about what if you lost me ? Im too for granted to you, am i?

What if i died today? Would you forgive on all the things i did ? For all the sadness we went through because of me ? Or because of you?

Would you forgive yourself for pushing me away when you loved me ?

Would you forgive yourself for ignoring my anger sometimes ?

Would you forgive yourself for making me angry one day ? Or pushing tears to my eyes ?

Would you still remember me ?

Would you still think about me and just pray for me ?

Would you laugh when you remember our memories together through the photos we have ?

Would you keep our memories sacred ?

Would you hear the messages ill send you from my grave clear? That needs a lot of love !

Would you still think i was bad ?

Would you still have fears and doubts ?

Would you search for my face through strangers passing ?

Would you wait for me at night to kiss you good night? Would youstill  light the dark you’re living in ?

Would you please be better ? Would you please be good ? Would you please remember me .. always ?

Would you keep me in your heart ❤️