20 things real men do and dont when in love ..

1 never tell a girl you love her when you really don’t 

2 never ask a girl to give you more when you dont give at all

3 never cheat on a girl you know she will forgive you because she loves you, and nevermind her being broken.

4 never dream with her about your future together and take that back, for any fuckin reason in the world, you have no idea what dreams of living happily ever after means to a girl in love. Take your time before sharing this and be sure of it.

5 never compare your girl to anyone else, have the decency to accept what you chose , you chose her that way .. change together.. grow up together but don’t ruin her self confidence for your sudden temptations.

6 never disrespect her thoughts, shes a human being .. encourage her to be always better and be there for her

7 never let her down when she needs you.. you are a man, and her man.. if you lose one you lose the other.

8 treat her good and always express how much you love her, and when you dont love her today remember what made you love her yesterday, she has feelings too

9 dont cheat

10 dont quit enjoying her presence for any other reason, your presence means alot to her .. appreciate time spend together 

11 surprise her with your good vibes all the time, dont alwaya wait for her to surprise you.

12 believe in her and give her the secure she needs, that will make her totally another person .. a good one for good its better than pushing her to the edge to test her anger management skills ..

13 dont cheat on her, quit her first

14 let her be herself with you, and be yourself with her you will always feel comfortable around her and that ahortens the way between your no mans zones

15 accept her bad modes .. she always backs you through your ups and downs, be the shoulder she leans on not the runaway door

16 guide her when shes mistaken, treat her as if shes your daughter but watch your way have the decency that makes her know the words you would say without even saying them

17 dont cheat

18 be her best friend, you will never get bored from each other 

19 put alot of effort in your intimacy corner .. and in making her happier everyday to have you in her life .

20 make her feel how proud you are to have her in your life, she sure shows that to you too if she believes so much in you amd in your love.

The picture has an arabic quote that says: with the one we love.. we find happiness in the simplest things 


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