God’s fairly blessings 

“What goes around comes back around” is not a myth .. its a bless

No one dies before feeling all the hurt and pain he had put into anyone’s heart ..

Its the strongest faith i have .. the one which drives me crazy to be always hurt but never hurt anybody as much as possible..

Its the answer to why i never revenge people who judge me wrong, treat me bad, or frame me tottally in a misleading way

Its the reason behind my patience, my milion and 3 chances to people around me without asking myself if they deserve or not ..

Its why i always pull myself out of any situation or away from unfair people as much as i can .. unless am too attached to them

I pray when im hurt .. i pray for myself and to them who broke me down into pieces .. i give them milliin reasons too .. 

thats not silliness or acts of negativity.. this is having faith.

Faith in god that he will make them feel the same if they dont feel bad

Faith in god’s will to bring me back my broken Pieces 

Bring me back my broken wings.. my shattered dreams and my disappointed thoughts ..

Im no angel .. im just real enough in facing my anger, my mistakes and my decisions..

Think millions of times before putting someone in pain, hurt or injustice..

You will pay for that, after a month or two a year or even ten years ..

You harm someone so much, ypu will be harmed, yourself your children or your beloved ones ..

Just for you to feel sorrow..



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