Its very wierd how people change .. from love to hatred, from good to bad, from smart to stupid, from stupid to being wise ..

The wierdest one of them all is leaving behind milion miles of memories, passionate kisses, late night saving the world talks and throwing yourself in someones arms when youre broken to be mended in silence, some warmth and love rays crossing your mind and soul .. 

its wierd that someone can have the power to take away your dreams of being always backed, blessed at the end of the day by not being left alone, take away that someone you always run to sharing your good news while youre sure that they really feel happy and bursted for anything good or even silly that you consider as good news ..

Its also wierd that love makes the sense of logic .. if theres no love the picture has no frame ..

You can have all the standards in having a partner .. but you wont Ever Feel achieveing or complete or even happy at night with your choices without having a bond of love ..

Having a good partner is not common sense .. its always up to your inner peace not to your needs because people change, you need an apple today tomorrow you will get bored of its soreness and need a tomatoe ..

Its having a sense of being saturated and having the bond at the back of your mind running .. you are not 2 people apart .. you are one heart, 2 bodies and one theme of life that you both drew and chose every colour and line in it ..

Its never easy to choose, but it doesnt let you choose all the time .. you fell mostly under a spell .. 

the bad part is .. when people change !

Its never has a meaning to break someone’s loving heart, specially when you are sure that it is loving and loyal, willing to give more..

Its never has an excuse to make someone attached to you, then change and decide to break the attachment you chose and cherished one day .. 

change should make people better not worse .. its your choice 

You have the right to change, but when you get attached to someone and get them attached too dont expect them to be understanding to this change 100% when it is you dont want them anymore ..

Change is good but when you choose to change into a more reliable person to people who are willing to do anything and everything for you to depend on them ..

Its never odd to change your mind about some one you loved and lived for, the odd thing is you consider yourself the leader .. and break them down into pieces just to have a “what you think” a better life ..

Its very heart breaking, pathetic and away from reality when you think that you will get away from breaking people’s hearts.. you will be broken into the same pieces one day later on .. and guess what ?! That wont ever make them happy they will be broken all over again because they loved you once ..

Its not about being alone again and fears of the cruel world we’re living in, its about sharing, caring, laughing, having more memories, having warmth and stability in your life in your own terms

Its not about leaving behind a broken loving one, or a memory..

And its about running away from your past and weaknesses ..

Its about you, the one who has the power an ability to make someone laugh, cry and have a normal life .. and also taking all that away ..

Think twice before breaking someones heart ..

Think why?

Is it worth it? Is it worth being better with another person who haven’t lived with me for so long, and been through all your ups and downs ?

Is it worth searching for a better frane that you know well wont be easy to handle you?!! 

Ouh i forgot you changed .. you are going to better to everyone.. in your searching list ..

Is it worth it to leave behind all the change you did to them to someone else but yourself ?!! Is it worth to leave behind all the late night struggles for them to better for someone else who didnt even try yet ?!!

Its unfair how people can control others life’s.. because they use common sense of their own with little emotions considering emotions weakness .. while this is an equation that has 2 unknown variables .. cant be solved ever ..

Its maths or ones and zeros because we are human beings we are not computers..

Think more before you leave behind photographs of memories that can turn into nightmares ..

Dont ever leave a bad menory to anyone who ever loved you ..

Dont be selfish and mean to people who sacrificed their dreams , plans and needs for you.. just to have you safe and happy ..

Dont break them, dont make them feel unwanted just because you refused to change with them .. 

its not their fault you changed that way .. they never meant that.. 

dont judge them as weak just because they have feelings for you, or because they cry at night alone for your absence even after you changed, or for delaying endings and bearing your selfishness.. you made them love you one day, you stayed attached to them for so long, you had been their perfect match for so long too ..

Dont make them feel fools and broken because they loved you..

Understand and estimate the consequences of your choices better..

We all going to die one day .. if that happened to them you will regret every second passed away from them and would never forgive yourself for breaking their heart, and you will estimate your changes better .. but it would be too late ..

So keep that in mind while you pick your common sense flying high in the sky.. 



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