Positive vibes..

Today i met an old friend, haven’t seen her for 10 months she traveled and got married and came back with alot to talk about .. i loved today so much .. i felt happy and sound .. i felt that distant friendship is good though..

She txts me everyday at least once, though she has alot of friends and family, a husband and a job.

She had been there for me when i needed to talk to someone ..

She had a true friend indeed ..

She has a busy life, just like everyone else .. but she has priorities..

I learned alot from her ..

Its great to have friends that are sincerely great and adding to your life.. 

its greater to keep the good bonds between you and good people ..

Life is much better and has a better taste when you fill it with good vibes, good people, good values and always making memories ..

Dont cut off any bonds, always be there for your friends and family, show them love and grace ..

Call them , txt them, make time for them in your life, family and good people around you are a bless 

Be grateful for it 🙂



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