A special thanks and prayers for my little one and only sister..

My beloved one, one day you would read this. Figure out what did you really mean to me. The story began when i was a lonely child, that had few little busy friends, some toys and and a bunch of pens and colors. I always wished to have a partner, a friend that i can’t live without. I always prayed that god blesses me with a little sister, to play with and grow old with. I sometimes imagined i had one, at tea time with my toys and dolls sitting and laughing together. Untill mom told me shes having a baby. I was crying happily all the time inside me, can’t wait to have you!! I was young enough not to consider that you will be born a baby, you wont play with me. But what actually happened is that i learned how to take care of you until you grow up, and play with me! Days and years passed. We played, travelled together, had fun, bad times and good times and more. I never had the chance to express how i truley love your existence!! I might mention from tome to time that i love you, but i never felt it was enough. I pray that god protects you from anything bad in the world, and blesses you with what ever brings the best at your feet. I pray that god gives me faith and creativity to stay cool as you!! And gives me the know how- to make you always love me! I want you to know that you will always be my favourite best friend, my first daughter, my beloved sister.

Please pray for her, to find faith and love among her footsteps in life.

Please dear Asmaa, know well i love you more than the world, i loved you before i knew how do you look like, i will love you till my last breath ❤️❤️❤️

God bless all your beloved ones, and protect them.

Don’t let life keeps you away and busy from your belived ones, remember them all the time, talk to them and let them know you love them. Show love and affection, they will definitely lead you to more comfort, peace and love.


This is me with my beloved little sister ❤️ Asmaa


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