And she said: “I am graduating as an electrical and control engineer in few months with 3.2 GPA,but i can’t use Google” :D


What can ever be strong, invincible and paralyzing more than yourself acting as a barrier against your dreams ?! have a look closer to my face full of hopes, before facing my graduation project presentation. I waited to graduate a lot of years facing a lot of injustice, problems, disappointments and distractions.

Let me take you a bit deeper inside, A look into some lessons i learned by force through the most disappointing experience.

Actually i was thinking about my future, things I wished for and never had and things i wish to achieve but not clear enough though. After facing a lot of obstacles and various problems during the past 5 years of my life, i realized that i should change how i see things myself before i am forced by hard lessons to change it. The last year i had almost all types of shocks, problems and disappointments anyone can ever imagine. Starting with losing my so called 15 years best friend, ending with separation of my parents and having to move out with my mom for some personal reasons.

During this year i was graduating from college, i had to be stuck for a year with a group of worthless, unethical abusing family of 2 grown up kids who were my partners in my graduation project. I’ve seen a lot of unethical people in my life, including myself sometimes but never saw such a compiled pilled up extremely dangerous psychopaths in one house!!!

They were raised not to put a single effort into anything in the world, they live and grow upon efforts and abusing others. They don’t even use their minds they relay on others with everything. Of course i didn’t know that before getting stuck with them for a year.

I had to think, research and study, while they and their parents trying to convince my parents (who didn’t accept such talks) to stop searching and agree to buying a graduation project idea, thesis and the one who made them to explain everything to us with 5000 LE. In other words, they wanted to steal an idea and cheat the comity and they wanted my parents to convince me to agree.

After a couple of months i had searched enough and had an organised plan and an idea. They chose the professor responsible for advising us and working through the year with us.

That professor, hated me for putting him into a bad situation with the department head for being rude with me in class, giving me an F and didn’t agree to remark my papers or appealing it and smoking in class :D. i tried to talk to him after that and we agreed to forget about it and he apologized and we agreed to be professional. That happened 3 years ago, but he still remembers, and he turned out to be faking me all those 3 years 😀 (He said that litteraly :D) 

Though a professor should be a very professional ethical educator, that didn’t match their standards in choosing the advising helping professor.

Unfortunately, they convinced him that they would steal a project, and make him rest for a year without having to put effort with us. And guess what?!! He agreed!! But he was very clear about mentioning that “if the comity knew within the presentation that you guys didn’t work from scratch on it, i will pretend i never knew such a thing and you 4 will get an F”. I forgot to mention the 4th partner, a smart guy who is too emotionally attached to one of the 2 psychopaths claiming he is his only friend!! He wanted to work and put effort, he didn’t want to steal a project though too, but he was weak enough to fight till the end.

Then guess what, they all agreed to steal the project but after some fights they agreed to change some things and get help from other people for research. the forth partner Mr smartEmotional, introduced us to a guy he called the magician, a great mind actually. he gave us a brainstorming session and we started an interesting topic, that needs a lot of research to be special. i was hoping that i can get high grades, so i had decided before the start of the project that i will put all the effort i have.

I had a topic for research, gave them titles to read about and discuss it together, after 8 weeks they told me they didn’t and they want me to stick to simple topics that don’t require research “because they don’t know how to use google” 


Bare in mind, they are: (the psychopaths family)

Dinky winky: male, 26, gpa 2.2

humpty dumty: female, 24, gpa 3.2

the SmartEmotional guy: Male, 25, gpa 2.4

after this disappointment i decided to talk to the professor about it, and that was a greater disappointment !! the professor didn’t like the idea, because my partners already talked to him about it and he decided to keep me away from research after telling me how worthless i am, and how achieving are my partners !!! although he wanted me to write the book because i was the only one who understands and had good English skills.

i tried again discussing it with the professor, he liked the idea but kept pushing me negatively by mentioning how worthless i am again, and how un-achieving i am .. unlike my friends … i showed him the reports i did, he liked it too but he didn’t mention that.

i decided to make another change, i worked a lot on writing the thesis, we had to deliver it in a couple of months and i didn’t want to be late. of course no one helped me with it “because they are not good with writing, and humpty dumty said: i cant use the laptop keyboard.. i use it hardly””

so, i carried on i wrote 68 pages, had them formatted by the university technical books format and updated them each week according to the sessions of the magician. of course the psychopath brothers didn’t do anything within the session, it was me and the smart guy. But before our professor meeting, the 3 of them sit together for an a hour, so that the smart guy explains some words, so that when they present in the meeting they can make a show for the professor, and they really did it !!!

then, before delivering them with 3 weeks, the professor asked me to make some tasks with the research and simulation .. of course none of them know what is simulation! so i had to do some research then i asked the professor to put this task into the next semester as i was already finishing book 1. he agreed, and then the night before our comity presentation happened the most unethical in life (as i thought at that time! LOL)

the smartEmotional called me after midnight, telling me that the professor deleted 3 chapters in the book, and some sub-paragraphs and topics and was very furious about them. and he said that i don’t have to make other topics instead, he only needs to rearrange the book. i was very disappointed and cried all night about it. I had to change my presentation part though because i had discussed some of the deleted topics.

the presentation was a mascaraed !!! the professor didn’t like my talk while the commity did interact with me, i was ready for questions but no one asked me, they asked the brothers and the smart guy and guess what! the brothers didn’t answer the questions right!! while the professor treated me as if i was treated like a ghost 😀 as if i didn’t exist.

after the presentation the professor told us that the comity gave him the right to put the grades, i was like “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME” 😥

Of course, I had the lowest grade of them all, an A- while SMartEMotional and Dinky winky had an A+, humpty dumty had an A…


The next semester, i had to make more efforts. I was entitled of Writing a 100 pages book, Researching, making simulations and making a graphic modelling for the project idea. a 3d physical model presenting the idea (maquette), and guess what .. they made even worse than stealing ideas and efforts. They stole money indirectly and their parents called my mother and ..


To be continued..







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