Scary thoughts, last memories and some change before its too late..

It is scary to think about the last memories with someone..

las time you talked, you laughed, you cried, you saw each other..

and it gets more scary if you won’t have the chance to meet them again or have more memories with them

its really heartbreaking to have so much to do or say to someone when its too late.. when you just can’t see their faces anymore or hear their voices anymore..

you will know then that nothing was worth wasting time, nothing was worth faking, nothing was worth pushing people away when you truly loved them, nothing was worth hurting people..

they might be the only ones praying for you day and night truly from the bottom of their hearts.. and we all need true prayers every once in a while.. we all need to be loved sometimes.. we all need to give and feel the satisfaction of being a giving person unconditionally.. we need to love.. we all need to be surrounded by attachments, it keeps us alive.. you don’t deserve to die alone when you have people that love you..

Speak kind loving language to people, always..

Be the listener and the shoulder..

Love with all of your heart, don’t be selfish .. selfishness leads to nowhere..

Love yourself enough to be always good, to feel always good about good things you do in life ..

Don’t waste time.. stop being arrogant, stubborn or selfish..

One day, the ones who deserved to be loved in your life will not be there anymore.. they will die.. no one knows when or how.. no one knows what would be your last words to them .. make it a happy memory..



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