Message in the bottle #1

“If you can imagine how hard it is to take you in my arms and give you strength and loving secure feelings..

when all i have is an empty broken heart full of bruises, feelings of rejection and disappointments..

If you can feel how heart aching it is to be understanding and willing to talk over the mistakes you did .. when every time i do anything you just find it a suitable occasion to teach me a hard lesson that can’t be forgotten easily..

Did you think about how do i always get interested in anything you say, even your bluffing talks..

While i have to beg for attention and some time to listen to me while i need someone to share with my interests or hard decisions..

I will tell you some secrets today ..

I find a way inside a conversation because i LOVE YOU ..

I care so much for details, talks and thoughts in our talks.. i put a lot of effort to handling it because i understand your mind a bit.. and I LOVE YOU

I carry on after fights with a heavy backpack piled up with feelings, worries and disappointments.

mixed feelings of being unwanted, loved deeply and confusion.

sorrow and anger some times, and melancholy other times.

After all the lessons i learned the hard way, i do still pray for you.

i pray you find a better path, and i pray for heaven’s secure to fill my heart.

yesterday, tomorrow and today i always wish you a better day.

with love, faith and appreciation to all the things you made that i never needed.

and those you did just on time.


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