A sneak peak from my last draft of my novel… “Zamour Land”.

Chapter 3:

The sisters’ vows  

The gypsy sisters looked at each other with confusion then Assie jumped out of her chair

“it’s a gathering, its 5 o’clock Marly!!”.

Assie held the necklace tight and hid it between the books on the shelf, and Marlene explained fastly

“That’s our secret society. helpers, healers, Magicians, gypsies and holy powers holders. We all gather at my house. They are all safe pure people who have paths and other sacred vows. They are trusted don’t worry and they will sure help us. now is our weekly meeting, they will pop up at any minute.”

Kal looked affirming to Marlene’s words and so did everybody but Celine.

“I have no idea what is going on, all I want is some help to find my daughter please and more explanations as to what has happened to us, I am really tired too.

Since that day I woke up on that holy awkward trees and creatures island I started to believe I am in a very disturbing nightmare. whatever they did to make me calm down and stop panicking, it’s not working anymore I guess.”

she started to have wrinkles of weakness and tears in her eyes when she sat down and covered her face into the table. Assie brought a food plate and coffee off her bookshelf to Celine and said

“we will do whatever we can to help you, please eat. your angels told me you love black coffee with one sugar cube”

with a simple smile on her face, she comforted Celine. Celine just nodded and started eating, when suddenly the others arrived.

The wood table showed its magic too, a beautiful colorful cover with faces indicating every person’s place on the table appeared. it also had Celine and the messengers faces. The smoke on the shelf which Assie came from came back again, but this time it brought a young man.

I would really appreciate every feedback and any questions.

the Featured image is just a brief draft, that’s how i imaged things for the time being with my little skills.




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