Positive vibes..

Today i met an old friend, haven't seen her for 10 months she traveled and got married and came back with alot to talk about .. i loved today so much .. i felt happy and sound .. i felt that distant friendship is good though.. She txts me everyday at least once, though she… Continue reading Positive vibes..


A hope for tomorrow’s yesterday..

You can run away as much as you want .. as hard as you can .. as soon as you feel like running away .. instantly  But remember that time is always faster than your tiny feet.. And destiny is way more close to you than your own thoughts .. Yet .. faith and prayers… Continue reading A hope for tomorrow’s yesterday..

A conversation between me and my broken heart 💔 

Heart broken ? I pray for you to get cured of your mistakes , disappointments .. I pray for you to be strong one day .. I pray for you to stand still and hope of a better chance to heal whats left broken inside you .. again .. I pray for you to have… Continue reading A conversation between me and my broken heart 💔 

31 Questions of change before its too late ..

"I cant imagine after all these years of love and affection.. you still question basics !" Why is it hard to feel the love i give you every breath i take ? Why is it impossible to believe in our love enough ? Why is it fake to you when my actions are protecting you… Continue reading 31 Questions of change before its too late ..

Loops of a lonely heart ..

What is regret ?! Is it only blames ? Is it a change ? Is it fixing anything ? Is it a reason behind your returns or concerns or fears .. or tears ..or making something more clear ? Is it the motive behind some actions ? Or the feeder of some attractions ? Is… Continue reading Loops of a lonely heart ..

Love letters for the non existing..

I left you a love letter in the morning. I reminded you of how much i love everything good about you. And how much you are powerful and you deserve a better day starting with a kiss and a passionate push out of bed. In the middle of the day .. i txted you with… Continue reading Love letters for the non existing..

Poll: what if You were a wizard!

what if you were born a wizard ..what would you do to change the world into a better place ? And how would you affect humans ? What can be done by a wizard that normal humans can't? Ill be living on mars and i would have created a transportation means with the clouds and… Continue reading Poll: what if You were a wizard!