A hope for tomorrow’s yesterday..

You can run away as much as you want .. as hard as you can .. as soon as you feel like running away .. instantly  But remember that time is always faster than your tiny feet.. And destiny is way more close to you than your own thoughts .. Yet .. faith and prayers... Continue Reading →


A conversation between me and my broken heart 💔 

Heart broken ? I pray for you to get cured of your mistakes , disappointments .. I pray for you to be strong one day .. I pray for you to stand still and hope of a better chance to heal whats left broken inside you .. again .. I pray for you to have... Continue Reading →

Don’t explain

dont explain the reasons behind your anger to everybody .. Dont explain why you love somebody.. Dont explain why you chose to dress that way.. Dont explain why did you cut your hair .. Dont explain why didnt you fix your problems .. Dont explain why you didnt have enough money .. Dont explain why... Continue Reading →

Rainy days

"Remember when you used to hold me tight ? Remember when we used to close our eyes and listen to the rain drops falling  ? Remember when the days it rained and we weren't together standing holding hands ? Remember when we first kissed .. It was raining! Remember when we kept praying in the... Continue Reading →

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