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In 3035

Fantacies .. 

Whats next ?!!

Flying houses .. Or maybe there will be no houses at all we will live in alien suits .. Travel the whole galaxy in summer .. And sleep all winter as it will take around 0.3seconds for summer to be over .. Dinasours will appear again wearing hats and speaking mexican accent english with alien tourists welcoming them over the gates built around the ozone layer .. Birds will be ancient historical animal that used to live and fly .. Trees will be growing fiber leaves and nickle based wood .. And cars, tvs, newspaper and schools will be antiques.. Planes too !! Halloween and Christmas will take 4 mins .. Radio and cell phones chips will be planted in new borns’ heads . Whoever dies vanishes in space.. if there was something called death ..There will be no semetaries … Love will be an old fashion world that can only be read in old books .. There will be no time or space for emotions.. Sex will be a myth .. Technology will kill all senses who needs love, sex , friends or even fresh air when they’re born a super complicated robotic being ?!!
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