Trials of facing the cruel truth.

Pray to the moon, sun and earth To rise after a fall.. Balance your energy enough to survive, Not to come back to life.. Then learn from your past and from the evilness in the myths, How to fear the punishment and have a good purpose presence.. The myth said the eye catches fire, fear... Continue Reading →


I’m back for more, today is a special day!

I'm back after a while away, and I would love to note and share some things with all of you. Today is the birthday of the love of my life. since we are apart for almost a year now, I do miss every bit of being around him. I do wish him lots of blessings... Continue Reading →


"Its simple yet inquiring some effort. Strength is measured by how you use it. Remember, strength you need is the Strength beyond what your eyes can see. It is holy and pure. Loud but can not be easily heard. very clear but can never be easily seen. It is felt when you believe.". Day #3... Continue Reading →

The power of Love …

"Love is not the feeling you have when you are happy or around people who you think you share feelings with.. It is way beyond this.. It is the great shake your heart and soul feels when you are giving.. It is the faith you believe in when you are against all odds.. it is... Continue Reading →

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