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Passion in suekays kitchen

first id love to thank everyone who supported my talents and passion for cooking and learning more .. And Thank everyone who tasted my food and encouraged me to do better .. Family, friends and lover.. ❤️

In this page ill be posting my happy kitchen moments .. With pictures and sometimes recipes.. Whoever feels like asking or correcting my steps feel free to do so 🙂

As i love baking .. Ill start with a cake !

White cake with cinnamon and honey apples !

White cake ingredients are only different in eggs .. Just add the egg whites only to the standard cake ingredients not the whole eggs .. It will be a white cake 🙂

Cinnamon and honey apples :

Cut the apples into slices and soak them into 6 spoons of honey in a bowl and put 5 spoons of powdered cinnamon and mix them well .. Leave them for an hour at least before using 

The way into the oven:

Using a brush put 3 tea spoons of butter in the pan use 2 tea spoons of flour and stick them to the butter evenly to prevent the apples from sticking 

Now put the apples evenly in the pan as shown 

Then pour the cake mixture over the apples slowly to the centre of the pan till it fills the pan.

Then put it in 180 degrees for 25 mins before opening the over to check if its all done or not. It might need another 10 mins according to the size of the pan and the oven. Bon appetite !! ❤️️ 

These are real life kitchen pictures 🙂 no filters!


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