A special thanks and prayers for my little one and only sister..

My beloved one, one day you would read this. Figure out what did you really mean to me. The story began when i was a lonely child, that had few little busy friends, some toys and and a bunch of pens and colors. I always wished to have a partner, a friend that i can't... Continue Reading →


Lets spread Love, care and hope.. ❤️❤️❤️

Support .. Hope.. ill give time and energy to support anyone with a good cause Lets all have this rolling between us Lets get the good jobs done easily If anyone needs someone to read their essay, song or story .. rate a video, a record or even share an idea, take opinions or any... Continue Reading →

Don’t explain

dont explain the reasons behind your anger to everybody .. Dont explain why you love somebody.. Dont explain why you chose to dress that way.. Dont explain why did you cut your hair .. Dont explain why didnt you fix your problems .. Dont explain why you didnt have enough money .. Dont explain why... Continue Reading →

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