Lessons learned

"Through the bad times we struggle as two, and through the happy moments we feel everything as one. It is love i believe, or just human nature. We were born to fight and dream. That was a challenge that has always unknown endings. No matter how much you believe in things, its always up to... Continue Reading →


I’m Here Again!

After long time no posts, i had to comeback soon for my friends.. and passion for writing. I have a lot to say the few coming weeks though. I was busy GRADUATING with a bachelors of science in electrical and control engineering !! yeaaaay! now i am a free bird! few days ago i collected few pieces of... Continue Reading →

To my one and only

im sorry for all the bad things i did out of my hands and all the bad things i did on purpose for another purpose.. I cant imagine how would i look like without your hands in mine ! I cant imagine how would i sleep if i knew I won't be able to hear... Continue Reading →

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