A special thanks and prayers for my little one and only sister..

My beloved one, one day you would read this. Figure out what did you really mean to me. The story began when i was a lonely child, that had few little busy friends, some toys and and a bunch of pens and colors. I always wished to have a partner, a friend that i can't… Continue reading A special thanks and prayers for my little one and only sister..


I’m Here Again!

After long time no posts, i had to comeback soon for my friends.. and passion for writing. I have a lot to say the few coming weeks though. I was busy GRADUATING with a bachelors of science in electrical and control engineering !! yeaaaay! now i am a free bird! few days ago i collected few pieces of… Continue reading I’m Here Again!

Poll: what if You were a wizard!

what if you were born a wizard ..what would you do to change the world into a better place ? And how would you affect humans ? What can be done by a wizard that normal humans can't? Ill be living on mars and i would have created a transportation means with the clouds and… Continue reading Poll: what if You were a wizard!